In a changing world, we co-create with passion and expertise

The customer is at the heart of all we do. Our strength lies in our ability to co-create with our business partners the solutions best suited to their customers’ constantly evolving needs for protection, assistance, and insurance. We take a holistic approach as customers require different services for the different roles they play in life, such as travelers, professionals, or consumers.

We’re constantly innovating and testing new customer services in diverse markets, leveraging the best of advanced services, before rolling them out more broadly. In all cases, we emphasize innovation that is useful, ethical, and caring. This means combining the best of technology with the best of human ingenuity for solutions that are truly customer centric.

  • 92%

    92%of our business partners

    say AXA Partners helped them improve their customers’ loyalty*

  • 2


    time to process compensation requests by mail

  • 98%

    98%of our Business Partners

    say AXA Partners was a true partner during the Covid-19 crisis*
    (*Source: AXA Partners B-Pulse Survey 2021)

Customers’ evolving needs and expectations

First and foremost, we consider our business partners’ customers as individuals with specific needs. We aim to protect what matters, when it matters, in their lives with a wide range of solutions in assistance services, travel insurance, and credit protection. To do this, the customer services we co-create with our business partners must meet five criteria:

  • Simple so the customer can understand the value for money, subscribe to, and use the service easily.
  • Adaptable to the customer’s varying needs and situations with prices and warranties fixed in complete transparency.
  • Personalized we segment the offers as finely as possible.
  • Proactive we are “always a step ahead” by proposing new offers that anticipates customers needs.
  • Omnichannel we combine the best of digital technology with human contact, by phone for example, to ensure an optimal customer experience.
Work presentation

Our approach to innovation


All of our solutions respect customer confidentiality in terms of data and reversibility of decisions.


We keep in mind the customers’ needs from the conception to the evaluation of our services.

Extra Service

Our solutions evolve as required by the situation, an example being our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


We combine the best of technological and human expertise when designing our easy-to-use solutions.

Tailor made experiences, seamlessly integrated into your customer journey

We aim to build tomorrow’s insurance services and solutions. In a world being reshaped by digitalization, we co-develop with our business partners innovative services precisely tailored to their customers’ shifting needs and expectations. The result: an exceptional customer journey thanks to the culture of innovation and global network of professionals we enjoy as part of the AXA group. This consumer-centric approach boosts our partners’ growth by differentiating them from the competition, increasing customer satisfaction, and enhancing loyalty.

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