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Undoubtedly the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of the Banking & Insurance sector. It now uses IA, analytics, blockchain and cloud to provide end customers with customized experiences that predict and meet their needs in real time. So you need to focus on providing your clients - seniors, students, nomads... - with tailored services to adapt to their specific financial situation. At AXA Partners, we’re here to give you concrete steps you can take to support the communities and customers with customer-centric solutions that offer extra value and convenience for them.

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We help you to adapt solutions to your customers quickly and efficiently

In an age of constant change and overwhelming choice where time-to-market is reduced, the ability to launch added-value solutions quickly is a competitive advantage. That’s why at AXA Partners, we are building new services and business models, that go beyond insurance, to help you design offers that meet your objectives and exceed customer’s expectations. With our scale and portfolio of solutions, we help you deliver personalization and extra value to your customers.

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We analyze customers’ habits and adapt solutions around them

Your customers are more than ever looking for personalized protection, safety, value and convenience. You must respond quickly and appropriately to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. At AXA Partners, our deep understanding of purchasing habits and multi-channel distribution models implies we can meet the expectations of your end customers. For example, the launch of our travel insurance on WeChat, China’s most popular application: our travel insurance plan now appears in the app and can be managed with just a click by the user.

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Together with ING, we’re revolutionising customer experience in online banking

Innovation is not only technological, it is also organizational and structural and must be at the heart of the customer experience. Take our ING partnership where teams worked together to revolutionize customer experience in online banking and insurance. Together, we enabled the deployment of housing, mobility and the standard of living solutions in 5 countries. For end customers, this means simplified access to more personalized and clearer insurance solutions, through a digital platform that optimizes the online experience.

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A public-private partnership that created value for Swedish society

We used blockchain capabilities in collaboration with the Swedish Public Employment Service (SPES) to bring comfort and value to Swedish citizens. Customers coming to the SPES had to continually provide paper documents to show they were still unemployed. With a very cost-effective sprint, we created a blockchain based fast-tracked and secured insurance compensation process. And the result? A secure, automatic and fully digitized solution that removed the ‘paperwork’ burden for customers, gave them peace of mind and allowed them to focus on finding new job opportunities.

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We use big data to help you better target customers’ needs

We leverage big data so we can help our partners to better target customer needs, offer our products at the right time on the right channel, adapt our products and services in real-time (offer scalability), and detect trends (predictive analysis). Most importantly, since people are key to our innovation approach, we have strong commitments in terms of governance and respect for data confidentiality, respectful of and compliant with all data protection regulation such as Europe’s GDPR.

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