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Since the way we ‘shop’ has changed so much in the last decade, it’s likely that you are constantly striving to offer your customers more added-value and secure shopping experiences to ensure their satisfaction and trust. We offer a broad range of protection and services to help your customers securing their buying experience. Simply put, we help you choose benefits from our proven assistance packages and together we co-design innovative and quick-to-market solutions.

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Developing protection tools for your customers

We work with you to generate new ways to offer protection to your customers. One of our latest retail market research determined four ways to drive additional revenues by proposing insurance and assistance: through consumer goods, credit cards and loyalty programs, financing, and services. For you to grasp these new revenues opportunities, we help you deal with both the consumer credit and retail distribution entities of the retail groups, as well as with the credit card issuers (co-branded cards).

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Whether you are a retailer or e-commerce player, we help you build innovative, quick-to-market solutions to attract, protect and retain your customers.

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